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Sadboy Shamrock Cookie 100ml

Sadboy Shamrock Cookie 100ml

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Sadboy Shamrock Cookie takes the taste that everyone has come to love - Sadboy's cookies and combines it with a green, minty milkshake that will have you salivating in seconds. 


As you inhale Sadboy Shamrock Cookie vape juice, the taste of a traditional Sadboy cookie will dance across your taste buds, pleasing them to no extent. This vape juice is everything you've been searching for. As you exhale is when the party starts, the taste of a minty green milkshake will combine with the taste of cookie like you've never experienced before. This flavor is something so out of the world that you will feel revitalized with every puff you take.


Sadboy is an e-juice brand brought to you by Philly Vape Society. This vape juice brand is dedicated to bringing their loyal customers flavors that they will never be able to forget. With every puff of any one of their vape juices, you will fall madly in love with the delightful flavor it creates. Sadboy makes all of their vape juices with the highest quality ingredients to provide you with the best possible vaping experience.


Sadboy Shamrock Cookie is a vape juice for the books. This vape juice will satisfy all of your cravings in an instant. With this vape juice, you will surely be vaping all day long.