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Lemon Passionfruit -- AIRSCREAM AirsPops One-Use (Disposable)

Lemon Passionfruit -- AIRSCREAM AirsPops One-Use (Disposable)

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Experience the exotic, juicy and layered taste of passion fruit and the zesty tang of lemon in a sensational combination of sweet and sour!

AirsPops ONE USE is an amazingly compact and lightweight disposable cigarette. Its ease of use, long usable duration, improved flavour experience and convenience makes it an excellent choice for any vaper.

AirsPops ONE USE 6ml Mesh carries double the amount of e-liquid, while maintaining a highly compact form factor. The new mesh coil delivers better flavour and more vapour for a richer taste experience.



Strength: 5% Nic Salts

Battery Capacity: 850mAh

Liquid: 6 ml

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